UNIFI Seminar Series: Fall 2021

As part of the UNIFI Consortium (UNiversal Interoperability for grid-Forming Inverters, more information here), and as part of Berkeley EECS290 (21st Century Power System Dynamics), we are pleased to announce the Fall 2021 UNIFI Seminar Series.

All talks will be by zoom. You must register ahead of time here. (Note this is a University of Minnesota link; Sairaj Dhople kindly gave us that so that we can allow unauthorized users to join. This is a team effort!)

We will post videos of the talks after they happen, accessible by clicking on the links after the titles. In some cases we’re also able to make the slides available.

All talks will be Mondays 4-5 Eastern / 3-4 Central / 2-3 Mountain / 1-2 Pacific.

Aug 30, 2021Ben KroposkiNRELThe Need for Grid-forming Inverters in the Future Power System (video)
Sept 13Vijay VittalArizona State UniversityWECC Models for Representing Inverter Interfaced Generation in Transient Stability Studies (video; slides)
Sept 20Julia MatevosyanERCOTSurvey of Grid Forming Inverter Applications (video; slides)
Sept 27Julie CohnUniversity of HoustonThe Grid: Biography of an American Technology (video; slides)
Oct 4Donny ZimmanckEnphasePlug and Play! Creating a Simple and Universal Inverter Based Microgrid Ecosystem (video; slides)
Oct 11Deepak RamasubramanianEPRIModeling and Control of Grid Forming Inverters for Large System Studies (slides; no video due to technical difficulties)
Oct 18Deepak DivanGeorgia TechRealizing GFM Inverters at Scale: Challenges & Opportunities (video; slides)
Oct 25Dominic GrossUniversity of WisconsinRethinking grid-forming control: a universal control paradigm and protection challenges (video; slides)
Nov 1Sairaj DhopleUniversity of MinnesotaPower-system Modeling for the Era of Inverter-based Resources (video; slides)
Nov 8Ivan ?elanovi? and Humberto PinheiroTyphoon HIL and Federal University of Santa MariaPrimary Controllers for Grid-Forming Converters (video)
Nov 15Brian JohnsonUniversity of WashingtonExperiments to Accelerate Innovation in Grid-forming Inverter-based Power Systems (video; slides)
Nov 29Iqbal HusainNorth Carolina State UniversityGrid Forming Converters for Ride-Through of Symmetric and Asymmetric Faults (video; slides)
Dec 6Ulrich MuenzSiemensDynamic Security Optimization for N-1 Secure Operation of Hawai`i Island’s Power Systems with 100% Inverter-based Resources (video; slides)
Dec 13Vahan GevorgianNRELLarge-scale Grid Forming Inverter Experiments at NREL

Questions? Send an email to Duncan Callaway, dcal@berkeley.edu.

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